Financial Services

By outsourcing your medical billing services to CDR FINANCIAL SERVICES, our team will help monetize your billing process to ensure your medical practice has accurate and thorough claim submissions, payment postings, insurance follow-ups, and patient statements. Our services allow you to:
  • Streamline your billing operation, giving you more time to focus on patient care and treatment.
  • Eliminate the challenges of dealing with insurance companies and their extensive requirements.
  • Reduce your staffing costs while increasing your business’ profitability.
  • Ensure claims are being processed by our team of experts 24/7.
  • Bullet-proof your practice from disruptive employee turnover.
  • Convert fixed costs into variable costs, making your practice more resilient to pandemic shutdowns and other interruptions.
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Industry Experience

CDR Financial Services and its sister companies have over 83 years of experience in the healthcare field.

Brilliant Team

We have over 60 financial experts on staff that include accountants, billing specialists, and AAPC coders.

Creative & Professional

Our knowledge of complex insurance requirements and steadfast dedication ensure round-the-clock claim processing.

Complex Sollutions

Allow us to juggle insurance submissions and follow-ups, coding guidelines, and carrier-based audits so you don’t have to.

100% Result Guarantee

With CDR Financial Services effectively managing your billing cycle, you will save on business costs and see consistent cash flow.


We make your business more profitable by improving your billing claims process so insurance pays quickly while reducing your need for staff to handle billing.
We have worked with health insurance providers for decades and we understand their requirements to avoid claim rejections and payment delays.
We save you valuable time. Submitting claims and following up with insurance can be time-consuming. With these tasks off your hands, you can focus more on patient-facing services.
Our financial experts handle claims processing 24/7 for faster payments so you can dedicate your business hours to treatment and care.
With our team diligently handling all the burdensome aspects of billing, you will keep your employees longer and make it easier for your practice to handle unexpected challenges.

Offering a diverse portfolio of financial resources



Large-scale financial services for government organizations including patient records and medical billing.



Monetizing the billing and insurance process for medical offices so doctors can focus on patient care and treatment.



Scalable and optimizable financial services for public and private sector clients.

Want to find out how our financial services can save you money?

As a CDR partner, your organization’s success is our priority.  Speak with a dedicated representative about the benefits of our billing services