CDR Financial Services was founded by knowledgeable executives who have over 83 years of experience in the healthcare industry. With our combined skills, there is no team better equipped to manage revenue cycles and cash flow in any kind of healthcare environment. Headquartered in Augusta, GA, our team includes 60 highly-qualified billing specialists, AAPC coders, and accountants. We have worked with over 30 different EMR vendors across more than 40 different specialties.

Along with our sister companies, CDR Health Care and CDR Maguire, we have provided government organizations, large healthcare organizations, and small private offices with resources that include medical billing, disaster response, emergency management, and engineering assistance. With projects across the United States and the US Virgin Islands, CDR has provided over $600 million in healthcare-related goods and services.

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How we work for you

CDR Financial ServiceS streamlines your billing process by collecting pertinent data, verifying insurance, and obtaining authorization approval while upholding proper coding guidelines, billing and reconciliation of accounts, AR collections, and audits based on carrier requirements.

Outsourcing your medical billing services to CDR Financial can monetize your billing process and free you up for patient treatment and care. Our team will handle accurate claim submissions, payment postings, insurance follow-ups, and patient statements, helping to reduce your staffing costs and increase profitability. We ensure that your claims are processed expeditiously and protect your practice from operational interruptions. We also provide credentialing services to ensure your practice is in-network with insurance companies.

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Leadership Team

Our team’s extensive background in medical billing paired with our diverse healthcare expertise makes us a uniquely qualified partner for your healthcare practice.
Jennifer Banks


Jennifer Banks is the CEO of CDR Financial Services. She has over 14 years’ experience in healthcare management. Throughout her career, she has assisted in the positive operational turnaround for several medical facilities including hospitals and private practices throughout Georgia, Kentucky, Florida, and Louisiana. Before being named CEO of CDR Financial Services, Jennifer was the CEO of the Vein Guys in Augusta, GA, and Nashville, TN. While at the Vein Guys she focused on expansion and development. Jennifer’s current focus is to improve the quality of services provided to all CDR clients by providing advisory, implementation, and medical billing management. Jennifer has managed operations for FQHC and RHC’s, as well as overseeing the coordination of all practice management contracts. As CEO, Jennifer is focused on the strategic growth, development, and relationship management for the company.

James Hill

VP of Marketing

James (Jim) Hill is the VP of Marketing for CDR Financial Services. Hill enjoyed a successful 16-year career in the healthcare industry, working in marketing and business growth and development for the laboratory industry for 13 years and with hospice providers for 3.5 years. He was in a leadership role for both companies tasked with leading and assembling teams to grow assigned territories. Hill was also responsible for the success of several startup companies in GA within both industries.

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